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CAC Card Reader

Instructions to Troubleshoot Common Access Card Reader Problems

A cotton swab can clear out a CAC onlooker’s swiping system. Get more information here

A Common Access Card, or CAC, is utilized for physical and electronic access at numerous government locales, incorporating military bases, doctor’s facilities and airstrips. The point when Common Access Cards capacity legitimately, you can drop in a secured zone or log onto a secure online site simply by checking your Common Access Card’s grid identification. Similarly as with any electronic apparatus, the Common Access Card viewer can encounter issues. Provided that you’re unable to utilize your Common Access Card, there are a couple of troubleshooting strategies you might as well attempt before reaching specialized support.

Instructions to Access a Smart Card Reader How to Use Your Military CAC Card From Home

  • Things You’ll Need
  • Window less tarnished
  • Material
  • Isopropyl liquor
  • DOD Common Access Card


  1. Search at your card for indications of harm. The CAC viewer can glitch, however a more probable situation is that your Common Access Card itself is harmed. As per the Department of Defense, CACs are outlined to oppose tampering. Coincidental scratches on the CAC or scrapes on the standardized identification surface can make the Common Access Card onlooker feel that the card was tampered with, and you will be denied section utilizing your CAC. In the event that your card is harmed, you will require another one.
  2. Clean the Common Access Card onlooker. A grimy card spectator can counteract legitimate CAC operation. Certain book lovers use an electronic laser scanner to read the CAC grid identifications. You can clean the laser’s windowed surface with a modest spritzing of family unit window less dirty and a dry fabric. Provided that your followers utilization a swiper for scanning grid distinguishment, clean the swiping instrument with a cotton swab dunked in isopropyl liquor.
  3. Overhaul your followers’ "Root CA" information. To do this, connect the CAC spectator to a machine. The viewer will programmedly hunt down the last programming upgrades. Assuming that your CAC followers is utilized explicitly for physical access, risks are it has not been associated with the Internet in a while, and you conceivable need some programming redesigns for expanded equivalence with the most recent Common Access Cards.
  4. Clear your Internet reserve if the Common Access Card spectator is unable to confirm online access. To clear the store, open a Web program on the workstation to which the CAC viewer is associated. Click "Tools," "Internet Options," and "Clear Cookies." This may explain the Common Access Card onlooker’s online access issues.