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Army AKO

AKOAKO Webmail and Army Knowledge Online gives you the ability to blog, keep personal files, e-mail, instant message, and chat.

Army AKO
Information on AKO.

Basic information on AKO.

Army AKO Webmail is a web-based communication and collaboration client. It allows users to compose and manage email messages, manage personal addresses including accessing any public address books, and manage and share calendars. Users can access Army AKO Webmail from any location with an internet connection.

Every AKO/DKO portal user is given access to their own AKO account.

  • View the various Army Knowledge Online AKO webmail FAQs within the help page by using the ‘Search’ above.
  • View the Webmail specific FAQs by clicking on ‘Help’ once you have accessed your webmail.


  • AKO Webmail
    • Ability to send larger attachments than webmail classic
    • Instant Messenger available
    • Spell Check currently available
  • AKO Webmail Lite
    • Low-bandwidth option for slow network/internet connections
    • Calendar is not available
    • Instant Messenger is not available
  • AKO Webmail Classic
    • Spell Check Availability
    • Quicker launch times
    • Instant Messenger Available

How-to select preferred email client for launch when clicking the E-mail link on the AKO/DKO banner:

  1. Log into AKO/DKO at
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Mail Preferences
  4. Select Mail Options
  5. Select preferred option beside ‘Preferred Webmail’ radio buttons
  6. Click Submit